Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark,
2 November 2019 – 8 March 2020

Nordatlantens Brygge – The North Atlantic House – is located in the centre of the old part of Copenhagen. The building was founded in 1767 and for more than 200 years was the busy centre of trade between Denmark and the North Atlantic Zone. From the harbour, ships departed for the Faroe Islands, Iceland and especially Greenland loaded with goods, and returned with natural resources such as fish, whale blubber and skin.


Today, The North Atlantic House houses the official representations of the Greenland and Faroe Governments along with the Iceland Embassy. The 7000 square meter building is the epicentre of cultural exchange of Nordic art with everything from performances, dance, music, films, events and exhibitions. A bridge for pedestrians and bikes connects The North Atlantic House with the rest of Copenhagen. Bars and restaurants along with a popular street food marked is found right next to the building.    


The photo exhibition Siku ajorpoq will have its grand opening at The North Atlantic House on November 1 st, 2019. At two floors in the atmospheric exhibition rooms, a total of 36 large size black and white prints will decorate the historical walls. The exhibition is first time Ragnar Axelsson exhibits in Denmark.

SIKU ajorpoq - a photo exhibition from Greenland

© Ragnar Axelsson & Carsten Egevang